Calvary Pandan Youth Fellowship (CPYF) is a ministry specially catered for youths aged 15 to 25 years of age. It serves as a place where likeminded brethren can gather for fellowship, to encourage each other in the faith, serve the Lord together, and draw closer to our Saviour through the study of His Word every Saturday (except 1st Saturday of the month).

Regular meetings are held in church in the AV Studio on the 2nd Floor. The programme typically starts at 5pm and ends at about 7.30pm with YFers having dinner together.


Motto and Objectives

The motto of the Youth Fellowship is "TO KNOW CHRIST AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN".
Specifically, the objectives of the YF are to lead youths to:

1) A personal saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and Master.

2) Become loyal Christian disciples according to Holy Scriptures.

    I.   Develop the habit of personal Bible study and devotion.
    II.  Grow in their knowledge and understanding of Bible truths.
    III. Apply Bible truths in every area of life.
    IV. Worship the LORD in spirit and in truth.
    V.  Witness for Christ and direct others to Him.
    VI. Be faithful stewards of their spiritual gifts.

3) pray for and support the ministries and missions of the Church.


Within the Fellowship

The YF is usually divided into five groups. Each group is given a unique name that is associated with the theme chosen for the YF each year.

Within these groups, YFers are able to draw closer in bonds of Christian fellowship under the care of a group leader. Apart from regular YF meetings held on Saturdays, groups also meet up for outings and activities organised by the group leaders.

A different activity is organised after the message each Saturday. The 3 commonest activities are Group Discussions, Group Time and YF Time.

Group Time provides an opportunity for youths to share and discuss questions pertaining to the message, while group leaders organise informal activities during Group Time to promote deeper and closer fellowship amongst group members. Everyone is also invited to participate in YF Time as a fellowship group. Dinner is arranged for all to continue fellowship over a meal after these activities every week.

Other activities in the YF calendar include 1-week YF December camp, YF retreats, Gospel Meeting and YF Outings.

If you are a youth, we look forward for you to join us!


Contact Us

Overseer Pr Joshua Yong 9190 4677
Overseer Dn Adrian Poh 9030 5803
President Peck Ern-Min 8101 0695