Fundamental Christian Ministry


The Fundamental Christian Ministry (FCM) is an outreach of Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church to students in the universities, polytechnics and junior colleges in Singapore. Formally known as the Fundamental Christian Fellowship (FCF), the FCM was founded in 1986 by Dr SH Tow as a “truly evangelical, separated and uncompromised Christian witness” (Bible-Presbyterian Banner, Vol 12 No 3, Jul-Sep 1986) in obedience to God’s clear command to “be ye separate” (2 Cor 6:17) from ecumenism, neo-evangelicalism, charismatism and all other false modern “isms” which predominates many Christian student organisations in tertiary and pre-tertiary institutions today.


My Campus, My Mission Field


To be run by students fully loyal to the fundamental teachings of Scripture for students to:

1. Strive towards personal godliness and spiritual purity through the in-depth study of Holy Scriptures and practice of Biblical Separation on campus “because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy” (1 Pet 1:16).

2. Witness to fellow students the Gospel of salvation that is in the Lord Jesus Christ for “he that winneth souls is wise” (Prov 11:30).

3. Warn against every false teaching e.g. liberalism, modernism, neo-evangelicalism, charismatism, ecumenism, and all other false “isms” as our members “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3).

4. Equip and help our members to be more effective witnesses in their own churches as true members of the Church of Jesus Christ “that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Col 1:28).

5. Strengthen the mutual fellowship and unity among individual Bible-Presbyterian Churches and other Bible-believing churches of similar stand “for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:9).

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Past Activities

FCM Day 2014

FCM Day was on 26th December at Marina Barrage. Pr Joshua was the speaker and the topic was on Your Walk with God. The theme for FCM 2014 was FOCUS. As we end the year, we wanted to have a topic that help FCMers reflect on their spiritual life, therefore, we chose the topic Your Walk with God. The reason was to help reflect if they have kept their focus on God through the year. The turnout for the outing was about 40+ people. We had a few alumni who joined us for the outing, Grace Chang, Lingting, Fang Cheng and Hong Hao.

Thank God for those who came and encouraged the younger ones! Scripture text for the devotion was taken from Gen 5:22-24. Pr Joshua used the example of Enoch who walked with God. Enoch walked patiently with God as he sojourned on this earth. As we continue to walk on this earth, we have to walk with God with patience. Our walk is not just about us walking alone, but walking with someone who is agreeable with you together. Therefore, our walk with God is a personal walk that we have with Him. We need to have an intimate walk with God to understand and to please Him. Firstly, we have to be saved to walk with God. Thereafter, we need to renew our inner man daily, that in turn it will be manifest in our outward behaviour, to live a victorious Christian life for God. For us to renew our minds, we need to study the Word of God!

At times, we backslide in our walk with God and we deemed it as a norm. It is not so. Backsliding is an outward rebellious towards God. For God desires us to walk close to Him and not far from him. Therefore, let us not take backsliding lightly but to take it seriously and fight against sin. Walking with God also encompass to put away sin that hinders our walk with God. To fight against sin, we need to be prayerful and earnestly seeking after God’s Word. Therefore, to walk with God, we need to be saved, walk patiently, walk with our inner man renew daily that it will be manifested in our outward behaviour, and to put away sin that hinders our walk with God!

After the devotion, we had a time of introduction and ice breakers. After which, we split into 4 groups for a time of games. We had our activities around Garden by the Bay. Thank God for a cooling weather! God withhold the rain while we were having our activities out in the open space. When we reach Satay by the Bay for our lunch, there was a heavy downpour!

There were total of 3 games. First, it was a series of scenario case studies where the group have to encourage a believing/unbelieving friend. Object lesson: As we encourage our friend, we need to use the Word of God as our basis of encouragement and not to use the philosophy of the world to encourage others be it believers or unbelievers (even though they do not know about the Word of God). And if the opportunity arises, we can share the gospel to our unbelieving friends.

Second, it was a game where series of questions were asked and the group members have to answer. They have to remember the sequence of the questions and answers as they need to fill in the answer in a blank piece of paper for their next clue.

Third, a series of questions was asked to the group members to reflect on their spiritual walk with God. Object lesson: To reflect their walk with God through the year. If they have done well, continue to do so and press on. If not, they have to fight against the sin and seek for God’s forgiveness and fixed their heart back unto God.

Thank God for the opportunity for FCM SIM to serve in this FCM Day Outing!

In Christ,

FCM Details
The various FCM groups (with the exception of the FCM JC) meet on-campus mostly during the School Term.

FCM Meeting Day / Time / Location B/S Leader
JC Every Alternate Friday - 5.30 pm
Bro. Clement Chew
NUS Every Wednesday - 6.00 pm
Engineering Block 3 / 4
Pr. Ko Lingkang
NUS Law Every Monday - 6.30 pm
Law School Seminar Room
Pr. Joshua Yong
NTU Every Wednesday - 6.00 pm
Pr. James Chen
NYP Every Wednesday - 5.30 pm
Pavilion Opposite Macs
Pr. Clement Chew
RP Every Tuesday - 4.00 pm
E1 Lawn
Bro. Lee Kong Sing
SIM Every Wednesday - 4.00 pm
Block B Discussion Room
Bro. Yap Wai Ho
SMU Every Friday - 3.30 pm
School of Law or Economics
Bro. Jose Lagapa
SP / NP Every Wednesday - 5.30pm
School Library
Pr. Kelvin Lim

Contact Persons

Pr. Ko Lingkang
Dn. Lee Kong Sing
Advisor / FCM RP Coordinator
Josiah Cheow
FCM JC Coordinator
Lee Shing Shyan
FCM NUS Coordinator
Shermain Lee
FCM NUS Coordinator
Joy Khor
FCM NUS Law Coordinator
Benjamin Lim
FCM NTU Coordinator
Crayson Wong
FCM NYP Coordinator
Carissa Lim
FCM SIM Coordinator
Jason Quah
FCM SMU Coordinator
Ni Qian
FCM SMU Coordinator
Marcus Chee
FCM SP / NP Coordinator
marcuscwh96@gmail.comMarcus Chee
FCM SP / NP Coordinator9835 5531