The Fundamental Christian Ministry (FCM) is an outreach of Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church to students in the universities, polytechnics and junior colleges in Singapore. Formally known as the Fundamental Christian Fellowship (FCF), the FCM was founded in 1986 by Dr SH Tow as a “truly evangelical, separated and uncompromised Christian witness” (Bible-Presbyterian Banner, Vol 12 No 3, Jul-Sep 1986) in obedience to God’s clear command to “be ye separate” (2 Cor 6:17) from ecumenism, neo-evangelicalism, charismatism and all other false modern “isms” which predominates many Christian student organisations in tertiary and pre-tertiary institutions today.


My Campus, My Mission Field


To be run by students fully loyal to the fundamental teachings of Scripture for students to:

1. Strive towards personal godliness and spiritual purity through the in-depth study of Holy Scriptures and practice of Biblical Separation on campus “because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy” (1 Pet 1:16).

2. Witness to fellow students the Gospel of salvation that is in the Lord Jesus Christ for “he that winneth souls is wise” (Prov 11:30).

3. Warn against every false teaching e.g. liberalism, modernism, neo-evangelicalism, charismatism, ecumenism, and all other false “isms” as our members “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3).

4. Equip and help our members to be more effective witnesses in their own churches as true members of the Church of Jesus Christ “that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Col 1:28).

5. Strengthen the mutual fellowship and unity among individual Bible-Presbyterian Churches and other Bible-believing churches of similar stand “for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rev 1:9).


FCM Details

The various FCM groups meet on-campus mostly during the School Term.

 FCM  Meeting Day / Time / Location  Topic  B/S Leader
 NUS  Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm
 Engineering Block E1
 Book study of Ezra  Bro Samuel Joseph
 NTU  Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm
 Venue TBC in new Semester
 Book study of Esther  Pr Joshua Yong
 NYP  Every Friday at 1:00 pm
 Bible-Presbyterianism  Rev Clement Chew
 RP  Every Thursday at 4:30 pm
 E1 Lawn at Level 3
 Book of Proverbs  Bro Samuel Goh
 SIM  Every Wednesday at 10:00 am
 Block B
 Book of James  Dn Yap Wai Ho
 SMU  Every Wednesday at 12:00 pm
 SMU GSR 2-13
 Book study of Hebrews  Pr Jose Lagapa
 SP / NP  Every Thursday at 6:30 pm
 Ngee Ann Poly Library
 Book study of Acts  Pr Kelvin Lim

Contact Persons

Dn Yap Wai Ho
Pr Joshua Yong
Jing Yi
FCM NUS Coordinator
Jonathan Lim
FCM NTU Coordinator
FCM NYP Coordinator
FCM RP Coordinator
Samantha Chin
FCM SIM Coordinator
Samuel Tan
FCM SMU Coordinator
John Yaw
FCM SP / NP Coordinator

Camp Theme: For Such A Time As This

Date Title Speaker Audio
 13 Jul 2020  God's Preservation of Israel (Ps 121)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 13 Jul 2020  God is in Control (Est 1.1-2.11)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 14 Jul 2020  Be Wise as Serpents (Est 2.12-23)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 14 Jul 2020  How to Fight Satan (Est 3.7-15)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 15 Jul 2020  If I Perish, I perish (Est 4)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 15 Jul 2020  Pride before Destruction (Est 5)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 16 Jul 2020  How Should We Then Live (Est 6-7)  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo
 16 Jul 2020  Q&A  Rev (Dr) Jeffrey Khoo



Date Title Speaker Audio
 14 Jul 2020  History of the Fundamental Christian Ministry  Rev Clement Chew 
 14 Jul 2020  Q&A  Rev Clement Chew