NS Ministry

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The NS Ministry was established to provide Christian NS personnel (NSFs and Regulars) currently in active service, an opportunity for mutual encouragement and fellowship around the Word of God.

Christian NSFs and Regulars are welcome to join this ministry to be instructed in God’s Word together, and share their journey through full time national service with one another of like-minded faith. May God keep our brothers and sisters-in-Christ close to Him during their physically and mentally demanding, as well as potentially spiritually treacherous time during NS.


  1. To prepare Pre-Enlistees spiritually for NS.
  2. To help and encourage Full Time National Servicemen (NSFs) as they serve.


Pre-Enlistees Meeting

Dates: 3rd Sundays of March, June, September and December
Time: 12.15pm – 1.15pm
Venue: 3rd Level New Sanctuary Cryroom
Program: Introduction, Exhortation, Practical advice/tips by current NSFs, Q&A, Contact Taking

NS Fellowship

Dates: 1st Saturday of every month (unless otherwise stated)
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Venue: #04-05
Program: Exhortation, Prayer and Sharing

2017 Calendar

4 February 2017

Bro William Tan

4 March 2017

Dn Chia Chung Seng

1 April 2017

Bro Adrian Ho

6 May 2017

Dn Lee Kong Sing

1 July 2017

Bro Peck Thian Guan

5 August 2017

Bro Daniel Tee

2 September 2017

Bro Kee Zhi

7 October 2017

Bro Henry Chua

4 November 2017

Bro Samuel Tham


  1. Christian Aide Memoir
  2. Testimonies and Sharings

Contact Persons

Dn. Eric Lim Overseer 9699 2162
Pr. Ko Lingkang Overseer 9839 8262