Pastoral Chat Calendar

18 June 2017

My dear readers,

(Extracts from Daily Remembrancer by James Smith, Edited by Dr SH Tow)

1. "Go forward" Ex 14:15
(November 7 MORNING)

“THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU.” With God victory is never in doubt. But we must be on the move. In the Lord’s army, there is no standing still. Our Captain's command is, "Go forward." This is our direction. "Go forward" in the Lord's way, in the Lord's work, for the Lord's kingdom. The command contains great encouragement. Go forward, remembering the Lord's wisdom, trusting in the Lord's power, and believing in the Lord's love. Go forward in union with the Lord's people, with zeal for His glory, until summoned into your Master's presence. Go forward, notwithstanding difficulties, fears, and discouragements. Go forward, because God has bidden you; He has promised to go with you; He will crown your journey's end. Let us imitate the holy apostle Paul, who said, "Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which I am also apprehended of Christ Jesus." Let us look for and hasten unto the coming of the day of God. There is nothing behind worth a thought, if compared with what is set before us by the gospel.

Much in sorrow, oft in woe,
Onward, Christian, onward go;
Shrink not, fear not, dare not yield,
Never quit the battlefield:
Forward press and win the prize,
Then to endless glory rise.

2. "Give an account of thy stewardship" Lk 16:2
(August 12 EVENING)

A DAY OF RECKONING IS COMING SOON. Today we are in office, appointed by the Lord. He looks for trust and faithfulness. We need to exercise the head, the heart, the hands and feet. A steward should be active, faithful, diligent, always with the day of reckoning in view. Then we must give an account. We may be called upon to do so suddenly. Our Lord is coming and we must give an account of our time, how it has been occupied, for or against Him; of our talents, how engaged. We must give an account of our money, our powers, our understanding, our will and affections, our conduct toward others and toward God, even the thoughts and sentiments we entertain and how we have used our opportunities for God. Beloved, you are a steward; do you realize this? Your Bible is the Master's rule, and your directory: do you search it as such? Opportunities of service are tests and trials which prove your spirit and disposition: do you view them as such? The day of the Lord is at hand; then all our accounts will be settled and every faithful steward will have praise of God.

All righteous and eternal Judge,
When summoned at Thy bar to stand,
May I acquitted and approved,
Be crowned with bliss at Thy right hand.

3. "Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name" 1 Chr 16:29
(March 17 EVENING)

“GREAT IS THE LORD, AND GREATLY TO BE PRAISED.” He is to be feared above all gods. The Lord has written out His name, in its greatness and graciousness, on the works of His power, and on all the gifts of His love. He that would learn God's name must study creation and providence; but more earnestly, he must study the gospel. Here he will see God writing out His name more fully, displaying His glorious character and perfections, in the conversion, justification, sanctification, preservation, and glorification of multitudes of sinners. God has revealed His name in His word, and it is to be read in its proclamations, doctrines, promises, precepts, and prospects. If we read and study Jehovah's name aright, we shall be filled with admiration and adoration, and as the effect, we shall glorify Him in our prayers, praises, and conversation. To give Him the glory due unto His name will require all our talents, all our time, and even eternity itself. But to attempt to do so is a plain duty, and if the heart be right it will be a real pleasure. Let us therefore meditate on God's name, exalt His grace, and give Him the glory due unto His name.

Nature and time, and earth and skies,
Thy majesty proclaim;
What shall we do to make us wise,
But learn to know Thy name?

4. "God is faithful" 1 Cor 10:13
(June 22 MORNING)

OUR LORD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER. He changes not. This is the believer's complete assurance; without the Lord, his comforts would droop and hope would crumble to the dust. We are at times shaken to pieces by unbelief, and filled with tormenting doubts. We feel nothing of the presence, power, or comforts of the Holy Spirit; faith, hope, and love seem to be quite extinguished. We have no power, and scarcely any inclination to pray; we feel only hardness, fretfulness, and misery. We are tempted by Satan and harassed with tormenting thoughts, so that we feel tired of this miserable life. But God is faithful, He never fails us, but appears again and again, restoring us to peace, joy, and satisfaction; and our most miserable times are often followed by unspeakable joys. The Scriptures are opened to our understanding, the promises are applied to our souls, and we are filled with the comforts of the Holy Spirit. Then our souls bow before God in contrition and holy penitence; we crumble to dust before Him, and can only admire and adore the riches of free and sovereign grace. Beloved, in the darkest night, remember, "God is always faithful."

He will not His great self deny;
A God of truth can never lie:
True to His word, God gave His Son
To die for crimes which men had done:
Blest pledge! He never will revoke
A single promise He has spoke.

God bless all readers.

Yours faithfully in the Saviour’s Service,
Dr SH Tow, Founding Pastor