NUMBERS 24:5-17


"Be not deceived;
God is not mocked..."



The "doctrine of Balaam," spoken of in Revelation 2:14, is an allusion to the fact that it was through the teaching of Balaam that Balak learned the way by which the Israelites might be led into sin. Constrained by God, Balaam uttered prophecies regarding the future of Israel that were wonderful and beautiful (Num 24:5-9, 17). He failed to curse the people of God, despite his many attempts.

Today, Balaam’s advice is embraced by churches. They claim to advance the cause of God when they advocate an unholy alliance with the ungodly and the worldly. They conform their life to the lifestyle of the world. The churches are more like the world rather than being an influence to the world. Ministers in churches are promoting the unbiblical philosophies of the world to love mammon. Church ministries, utilizing entertainment, are patterned after the world. Church members are looking for worldly teachings, ready to be seduced with the mushy kind of love. There is so much delusion in Christianity today.

The church is supposed to be a people called out by God. We are called out from the world, from darkness and deception! We are called out from the bondage of sin, from judgment and condemnation. We are called out from all unholy alliances, from unbelieving and unholy relations. Christ has paid it all. He did it all because He loves His own. Do not reciprocate His love with infidelity. Love the LORD your God.

The world out there is going to do everything to trap you. Do everything according to God’s Word that you be not caught and become one of the world’s victims. The worldly way is not of the Father. It leads only to destruction. Take heed!

THOUGHT: Am I unequally yoked together with the world?
PRAYER: "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked" (Ps 97:10).