Psalm 23:5


Christians have enemies. He would not be like his Lord if he had none. If we really were without enemies, we ought to fear that we aren’t actually friends of God, because the Bible says that the friendship of the world is enmity with God.

When his enemies are near, what does a man do? The most natural action would be for him to arm himself with some weapons and lie in wait for the enemy. Sometimes, he might put on a disguise to hide himself from the enemy. Other times, he might even make the first move to attack and beat o the enemy.

However here we see the Christian actually sitting down and eating from the table prepared by God, as if everything is in perfect peace. This can only be so because there is a quiet confidence in the care and protection of God Almighty. This is the peace that passes all understanding that God gives to those who belong to Him.

Anointing one’s head with oil signifies blessing and the idea here is that God will give His children new grace and strength for each day. As the oil does not run out, so would the blessings continue. And because of that, the "cup runneth over", meaning it will be re lled again and again.

Does God provide for us materially? Yes, He does. Daily He gives you and me blessings, food on the table, a place to rest our heads. And yet often, we may be uncontented.

We may not quite like the food mummy cooks or it may be dishes that mummy cooks fairly often, and we get bored. We prefer another  type of cuisine or food that tastes a little more spicy or sweeter... Or after we get a present, we get jealous if our sister or brother gets one that appears better than ours. Dearchild, does that describe you?

19 6 17

Do you always choose the best for yourself and leave the rest for others?

Thought: God always gives so abundantly that blessings overflow. But am I grateful each day?
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for the overflowing table and overflowing cup that You give to me. Truly, may I learn to be grateful for what You have given. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.