Psalm 12:1-8
Psalm 12:6-7


"The words of the LORD
are pure words… Thou shalt keep them,
O LORD, thou shalt preserve them...."



It is vital for us to believe and submit to the authority of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word (the Holy Scripture) to enjoy His illumination and teaching so that we can understand God’s Word properly.

By denying the divine personality of the Holy Spirit as well as by not submitting to the authority of the Holy Scripture, many can never understand and interpret the Scripture correctly or properly. 


By denying the inspiration, infallibility and inerrancy of the Holy Scripture (2 Tim 3:16-17), liberals and modernists deal with the Scripture like a secular book. They reject the deity of Christ, the total depravity of man, and the miracles in the Scripture. As a result, their understanding and interpretation of the Scripture is unbiblical and against fundamental doctrines.

By not submitting to the authority and sufficiency of the Scripture, the Roman Catholic Church claims that the authority of the Church, the Pope and the priests are above the Scripture. They believe that only they can understand/interpret the Scripture properly. Ironically, they have misinterpreted the Scripture and invented many heresies.

By not submitting to the authority and sufficiency of the Scripture, Charismatic churches overemphasize experiences, feelings, and sign gifts. As a result, they add more so-called revelation and prophecies to their worship, service and life. All of these are unbiblical and against the true guidance of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word!

By denying the preservation of God’s Word in the Masoretic Hebrew Text and the Received Greek Texts underlying the King James Bible (Ps 12:6-7; Matt 5:18; 24:35), many are confused by the many modern English versions of the Bible, and do not have full power nor strong conviction in their preaching, teaching, and defending of God’s Word!

THOUGHT: God’s holy mind is revealed in His holy Word.
PRAYER: Lord, please fill me with Thy holy mind and Word.