Luke 19:11-27
John 15:1-7


“…He that abideth in me, and I in him,
the same bringeth forth much fruit”



A parable was told because many did not believe that the Kingdom of God was to soon appear. Jesus told them about the servants who received a pound each from their lord and were instructed to “occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13). A pound is a Greek monetary unit worth one hundred denarii (Louw-Nida) and a denarius is the ordinary day wage of a soldier or a labourer (ISBE). The nobleman wanted them to use the money to
gain more while he was away.

When the nobleman returned, he required a report from each man. Calvin commented: “whatever gifts the Lord has bestowed upon us, let us know that it is committed to us as so much money, that it may yield some gain; for nothing could be more unreasonable than that we should allow to remain buried, or should apply to no use, God’s favours, the value of which consists in yielding fruit.” Those who gain are the fruit-bearing ones. The master rewarded them for their faithfulness. Read John 15:5.

However, the last servant had kept the pound laid up in a napkin. He had not done anything with it. This is a picture of those who are given the chance by God to taste of His goodness but remain hardened in their hearts. The servant should have done something according to his ability. The pound was not his own, he was a servant and he ought to have hearkened to the commands of his master. It showed his slothfulness, purposely not doing anything. He was idle and now he had to give a poor account of the money entrusted to him.

Christians are unfruitful when they fail to abide in Jesus. This is the worse scenario: “If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned” (John 15:6).

THOUGHT: Am I a fruitful Christian?
PRAYER: Father, the Giver of all gifts and strength, grant me the ability and industry to labour in Thy vineyard!