FEBRUARY 15, Romans 12:12

Chris was very nervous. It was his very first day at the new school, and he didn’t know anyone! “Lord, help me make a friend!” he prayed silently as he walked down the unfamiliar hallway to his class.

Some of the boys and girls in Chris’ class smiled at him, but hardly anyone said anything. By recess time, he was very discouraged. The teacher showed him where to pay for his food and pointed out the section of tables reserved for students his age. Chris sat down and looked around at the other boys and girls. They all seemed to know one another. Laughing and talking went on all around him.

Then Chris noticed something. One boy was praying! Right there in the cafeteria, he had bowed his head and closed his eyes and was praying. He must be a Christian, thought Chris. Getting up, he took his tray and went to sit next to the other boy. “Hi. I’m Chris,” he said. “I... ah... I’m new here, but I thought maybe... ah... were you praying just now?”

The boy nodded. “Yes, I was,” he said. He looked at Chris, then added hesitantly, “I was giving thanks for my food. I’m a Christian.”

“So am I!” exclaimed Chris. “We just moved to town, and I don’t really know any kids yet. I... I’ve been praying that the Lord would help me meet a new friend.”

“Wow! That’s great!” The boy grinned at Chris. “My name is Jason, and there are some other Christian kids around, too. You’ll like it here.”

Silently, Chris prayed, “Thank You, Lord. Thank You for helping me meet Jason.”

Thought: Are you sometimes ashamed to talk to the Lord in front of your friends? You don’t need to feel that way. Talking to God is a very special privilege a Christian has. Dare to pray in public, as Daniel did. It will be a testimony to those who are unsaved. It’s also an encouragement to other Christians. Sometimes it’s easier if two or more pray together. Do you know another Christian in your school? If so, why not talk about this with him or her, and talk about eating – and praying – together.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you know that sometimes I am shy about giving thanks for my food in public places. Help me not to be shy about it and give me the strength to overcome it for I want to dare to let others know I am a Christian. I know it will not be easy, but with Your help, it can be done. in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.