MAY 17,  Jeremiah 27:5


“All animals evolved from lower forms of life,” Amy’s science teacher declared. Amy raised her hand. “Where did the lower forms of life come from?” she asked. “We can’t go into the details,” said Mr. Mok. “They… just happened. What I want you to remember at this time is that all life evolved from them.” Amy raised her hand again, but Mr. Mok looked at her and shook his head. “Some of you have been taught a lot of nonsense about a creator,” Mr. Mok said. “You need to accept that life came about in the natural order of things. It just happened—without any creator.”

“I know God created everything, but how can I convince Mr. Mok? Amy wondered. Then she had an idea. After school, Amy hurried home. She went to her room, took a beautifully carved wooden pigeon her uncle had made for her, and wrapped the wooden bird in several layers of paper. The next day she took it along to school. When it was time for science class, Amy set the pigeon on her desk. The other students admired it, and even Mr. Mok came back to where she was sitting and looked at the bird. “Whoever carved this bird certainly knew what he was doing,” he observed. “This is beautiful! Who did it?”

Amy shrugged her shoulders. “Mr. Mok, what would you say if I told you I woke up this morning, and there it was? It just happened?” Mr. Mok frowned. “I’d say if you can get anybody to believe that, you should become a salesperson. Don’t you know who made it?” Amy grinned at him.

Mr. Mok gave Amy a thoughtful look as she added, “My uncle made this pigeon, and God made the real ones.” “I… I don’t think so,” murmured Mr. Mok as he moved away. Amy knew she hadn’t convinced him that God created the world, but she silently thanked the Lord that at least her teacher was thinking about it. And she prayed that he would soon acknowledge the Creator—God.

Thought: Have you heard that things in nature just came about on their own? That there is no God in heaven who created the world and everything in it? Don’t believe that! God created the heavens and the earth!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for teaching me that things don’t come into being by themselves. Someone had to make this world, and that Someone is You! I see Your handiwork in the beautiful, awesome world in which I live, and for that, I praise You in Jesus’ name, amen.