OCTOBER 11, Genesis 9:18-25

The flood wiped out everything on the earth.The wicked cities which the wicked men boasted of and loved were all gone. But wickedness never goes out of the earth. Even if we can wipe out the places of evil, evil can still strike at the heart of man.

Noah planted a vineyard and he made wine. Unfortunately, he drank the wine and became drunk, and lay in his tent naked.That was very wrong of Noah. Although Noah was a righteous man and was obedient to God in building and entering the ark, he is not perfect. No man is perfect, not even the most mature Christian, pastor, or church leader.

Here we see that Noah sinned. Unfortunately, Noah’s son, Ham, sinned too. He saw that his God-fearing father had sinned and was drunk. He saw that his father was naked. What he should have done is to help his father, and the best way to help his father was to cover his nakedness. However, not only did he not do the right thing; he did the wrong thing. What wrong thing did he do? He mocked his father and in turn went to tell his brothers that their father had sinned.

After waking up, Noah knew what Ham did and placed a curse on Ham– his children and grandchildren – his line – would be cursed. There is punishment for sinning. They would not be in the line of God’s people. That does not mean that all who were from that line would never be saved. It does mean the nation of Israel and eventually our Lord Jesus Christ would not be from that line.

In this passage, we read of how terrible and sad the consequences of sin are. And we learn that even Noah sinned. Do you sometimes think that pastors do not sin? Or some elder or deacon or other church leader does not sin? Dear child, the bible states clearly that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God, and all need the forgiveness and love of God.

What then can you do to not sin? Keep close to God. And do not  do anything that would lead you to sin. If Noah did not drink the wine, he would not have been drunk. If he had not been drunk, he would not be naked, and his son Ham would not have any occasion to mock him.

One sin leads to another. Dear child – be careful!

Thought: One sin leads to another.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to be so careful in not doing or thinking anything unkind or sinful as that may easily lead me to do other wrong things. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.