OCTOBER 12, Genesis 12:1-2

Do you like to move house? Do you like to leave your old neighborhood and friends, your house and garden, and pack everything and take it along to a new house? Some of you may say, “Wow, that can be exciting!” But what if you have to move away alone, without your father and mother, leave everything at home, move out of your own country? Worse of all, what about not even knowing where you are going!

In ancient times, there was a man who had to do exactly that. His name was Abram. God told Abram to leave his country and his relatives. Abram was very happy in Ur; he had it good there; he had a home, many animals, land for the animals, and friends and relatives. Why should he leave them all behind?

Abram did not know where he was going. God would lead him to a place that He would show him. And God also promised to make a great nation of him. A great nation – how could it be? Why should he go to an unknown place?

And guess Abram’s age? Was he a strong young man who perhaps could find this migration exciting and fun? No! Abram was already 75 years old! If you have an old man of that age today, what is the likelihood of him moving to another country, alone? For Abram, it was a very difficult decision. He had many possessions, owned many animals and had to bring servants along. It was not an easy task.

But he obeyed. Bringing along with him his wife Sarai, he stepped into the unknown. He travelled toward the land that God would show him. They had to cross the river Jordan before they got to the land God promised. Imagine how his animals, thousands of them including young animals, crossed the river without modern means!

Abram had great faith. He did not just move house. He moved to a new country, to a totally new and strange environment. How did he do it? With faith in God.

Thought: May I have great faith, like Abram!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Abram trusted You. Help me to also trust and obey You as this is the only way to be happy in Jesus! In His wonderful name I pray, Amen.