NOVEMBER 9,  Colossians 3:23


“What’s the matter, Sis? Ants in your pants?” Jon asked with a big grin. At their campsite, Ann had stepped in the middle of an ant hill and was frantically brushing the little creatures off. “It’s not funny, Jon,” Ann said as her mother helped her finish brushing the insects away.

Soon Ann and her mother went into the trailer, but Jon and Dad continued to watch the ants. “An ant nest is like a little city where thousands of ants live,” observed Dad. “Look! Some of them are carrying leaves,” said Jon, pointing at the busy ant hill. “They’re moving twigs and other stuff, too.” He grinned. “They’re hard at work,” he added. “Do they have a boss like you do at your office?”

“No. They don’t need a boss,” Dad replied. “They just make the most of every opportunity to gather food. They’re a good example for us.” Jon laughed. “So we should get busy and gather food before winter, too?”

“Not exactly,” Dad replied with a smile, “Although we do not experience winter in Singapore, but like the ants, we should be hard workers. We glorify God when we work hard for Him at whatever tasks He provides for us.” Dad paused, then asked, “What’s the opposite of a hard worker, Jon?” “Um… a lazy person?” suggested Jon.

“Correct. The Bible calls someone who avoids work a sluggard,” said Dad. “I’d hate to hear someone use that word to describe me.”

“Yeah. So I guess I should get busy and find the firewood we’ll need,” said Jon, heading into a thicker part of the woods where they were camping. “Maybe you should get busy and help me, don’t you think, Dad?” Laughing, Dad agreed. “Sure. I can help you with your job,” he said. “After all, I’m sure God is pleased when we work together and help one another.”

Jon nodded. “But what about having fun?” he asked. “Do you see any problem with having fun and working hard?” Dad asked. “Ah-h-h… no,” said Jon. He began picking up twigs and small branches. He glanced at Dad. “Race you back to camp – and with the biggest load of firewood, too!” he challenged. “It’ll be fun to beat you at that!”

Thought: Do you glorify God through your work?

Prayer: Help me, Heavenly Father, to do things with a good attitude and to be busy and use the abilities You have given me to the maximum. Whatever I work, play, and talk, may I do so as “to the Lord”. In Jesus’ name, Amen.