Exodus 3:1-10
Acts 7:30-32


“… to throw down, to build,
and to plant.”



While tending sheep at the back of mount Horeb, Moses’ curiosity led him to investigate the burning bush which was not consumed. As he approached it, he heard the angel of the Lord (i.e. the Lord Jesus Christ Himself) call him by name, and he responded, “Here am I” (Exod 3:4). The Lord revealed who He is: “I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” (Exod 3:6). The Lord told Moses that He had come down to deliver them, and to bring them into a land of abundance. The specific call of Moses to lead God’s people out of Egypt is in Exodus 3:10, “come … I will send thee … that thou mayest bring forth my people …”

Moses was then eighty years old (Acts 7:30). Because of their agony, the people were crying to be delivered out of Egypt. God had preserved Moses and now called him to this massive task of leading more than two million people out of Egypt. Moses’ calling was key to God’s salvation plan for mankind. God knew the way ahead was going to be difficult for Moses. So Moses had to be very clear about God’s calling so that he would not doubt and give up when faced with difficulties. We will see later how despite the rebellion and stubbornness of the people, Moses persevered. It is crucial that we know our calling clearly in life. When we do, we are assured of God’s help for any challenge. He will surely equip us with what is needed when we do exactly what He wants us to do and are where He wants us to be. He will grant us His grace to bear all. If you are called to the ministry, be sure of what and where God has called you to. Do not desire or emulate someone else’s ministry. Be sure of your own calling. It is the only thing you can cling on to when the storms and discouragements come. Every Christian is a full-time worker for God wherever He places you. Be sure of your calling and do it and you will see God’s power working in and through your life for His kingdom.

THOUGHT: I must trust in the Lord for my daily provision.
PRAYER: O LORD, give me this day my daily bread.