Exodus 3:11-12
John 3:26-35


“He must increase,
but I must decrease.”



After the Lord revealed who He was and His plans for His people, He told Moses that he was to lead His people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt. After forty years in the desert tending sheep, what would be Moses’ answer?

Moses’ first words in response to God’s assignment for him to be the leader of His people were, “Who am I …?” (Exod 3:11). Moses felt he was nothing, zero. He asked God who was he to go see Pharaoh and who was he to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Was this not exactly what Moses wanted to do after forty years of the best training and having achieved great things in Pharaoh’s court? Back then Moses thought he was ready to rescue, and be leader of, the children of Israel. He wanted to be their hero. What a change in Moses! God had prepared him. Moses was now ready to be used of God. He was now ready to be a leader of more than two million people. Why did God not use Moses forty years ago? Did not the prestigious training and powerful position in Pharaoh’s court make Moses ready? No, for Moses was too full of self-confidence back then. The forty years in the desert tending sheep humbled him. Moses needed to realize he was nothing before God could use Him. This is the same for us. If we do not know we are truly nothing before God, we will be proud. We will depend upon our own abilities. We will think it is our training and life experience that makes us suitable for God’s choice and use. We will then steal glory from Him when success comes. Now in answer to Moses, God assured him, “Certainly I will be with thee” (Exod 3:12), reminding him it was not about who Moses was, but who was with him. The world emphasizes self-esteem for success. But when we truly know we are zero instead of being full of self-confidence, then God assures us that He will use us. And as long as we remind ourselves that “I am nobody” despite the years of success, He will continue to be with us.

THOUGHT: What kind of person does God choose to use?
PRAYER: LORD, do what it takes to make me realize I am nothing.