Exodus 3:5
Joshua 5:13-15


“… the place whereon thou standest
is holy ground.”



When Moses approached the burning bush that was not consumed, it was out of curiosity. However, the Lord’s calling of Moses was deliberate as He called his name twice: “Moses, Moses” (Exod 3:4). He wanted Moses to meet with Him. Yet when Moses said, “Here am I” in response to God’s invitation, the Lord told Moses firmly not to come close, and to put off his shoes.

The reason God gave was that the ground Moses stood on was “holy ground” (Exod 3:5). Though the Lord’s intention was for Moses to meet with Him, yet Moses was to learn to approach the Lord with carefulness and not casual familiarity. Removing the shoes was to emphasize humility in reverence. The ground Moses stood on was not intrinsically and inherently holy. It was God’s own presence there that made the place a holy place. Mount Horeb was not permanently holy before or after this incident. The lesson is for us too: How must we approach God, for example in worship and in prayer? He is the thrice-holy God. We must remember who we are and who God is. We must have genuine humility and reverence. Now when God invites us to come to Him boldly (Heb 4:16), it does not mean we can come to Him brashly. It means we can come to Him with confidence and assurance because we come through Christ. Coming late for worship is a sign of irreverence. How we dress reflects our inward attitude. In some cultures, removing our shoes before entering someone’s home shows our respect. We ought to have the same reverence and honour for God when we come into His presence. We do not turn up late or dress carelessly before our bosses or customers, why then do we before our God to whom we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty”?

THOUGHT: Am I habitually late for worship and fellowships and dress without thought?
PRAYER: LORD, I resolve to be humble and to show more reverence to Thee.