Exodus 19:1-9
1 Peter 2:9-12


“… shew forth the praises of him
who hath called you out of
darkness into his marvellous light.”



Two months (sixty days) after leaving Egypt, the children of Israel reached the foot of Mt Sinai. The LORD reminded them how He had powerfully led them out of Egypt’s slavery. He gave a suzerainty covenant (where a superior party sets the terms and conditions of the covenant for an inferior party) to them. If they would obey Him according to the terms of the covenant, the LORD would protect them and they would be His special possession and treasure above all other people on earth.Moses told the people these words and returned to the LORD with the people’s promise to obey the LORD.

The LORD explained why He brought them out of the land of Egypt. They would have the great privilege to belong to the God who owns the whole world. He would care for them and guard them as a treasure. They would be a unique people, different from the other nations. But they must keep the conditions of this covenant that they have entered into with God – that they would obey what He says. Israel was to be God’s witness to the rest of the world, to bear His truth. By their obedience to God, they would be a kingdom of priests and an holy nation. Other nations would then come to know the LORD and be saved to worship and serve Him. This was God’s purpose for saving them and making them His treasured possession. This is the same reason God has saved you. God did not save us to bless us and protect us so that we can be what we wish and do as we like. We have a purpose to fulfil in living a holy life in obedience to God, that others may see Christ. We are to be unique, and not try to emulate the carnal and sinful world. We are saved to worship Him and to serve Him, not to serve self and idols. Yes, we are saved by grace. Yet, God’s command is that after salvation we obey His voice in His Word. When you read God’s Word, ask: “How can I live so that I fulfil the purpose God saved me?” Not: “How will God give me what I want?”

THOUGHT: God saved me by the Covenant of Grace to worship and serve Him alone.
PRAYER: LORD, teach me to fulfil my covenantal promises.