Romans 5:12-21
Memorise Romans 5:12
“For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners”

A few days ago, we explored the idea of Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden. This is what we term the original sin of man. Understanding this original sin would lead us to understand why we even sin in the first place.

When Adam was created as the first man, he was created perfect, without sin. However, he did have the ability to sin. In the Garden of Eden, he was put to a test. It was a Covenant of Works that God made with Man. Adam was given a single law to abide by, that he was not to eat of a particular fruit. If he had obeyed, he would have been granted eternal life and fellowship with God. He would continue in his sinless state, and be in harmony with God forever.

However Eve succumbed to the Devil’s temptations, took of the fruit and then gave it to Adam to eat. In so doing, they rebelled against God and experienced sin for the first time in their lives. Having sinned, they fell from their originally sinless state, and all of mankind fell with them. Adam as the first man, was representative for all men, and thus by this one man’s disobedience, many were made sinners (Romans 5:19). As a result, sin entered into the world, and with it, came the judgment of death. From then on, all men were born in sin, born in a state of spiritual death.

You may at this moment protest at the unfairness of such a situation. Should not everyone be given a chance? How can the whole human race be represented by just one man? Well that is God’s plan and we are never to question it. However, just as we had one representative through which we all fell into sin, likewise God has given us a second Adam, one man through whom many can be made righteous. That one man is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Through His obedience the free gift of grace can be given to us. Just as we had no choice in receiving the sin nature from Adam, we also do not have to do anything to receive the righteousness through justification in Jesus Christ. Adam had sinned the original sin and caused man to fall, but Jesus lived a perfect life of obedience, and then died on the Cross to redeem us!

Thought: I cannot control the fact that I have a sin nature, but I can rejoice in the fact that I am made righteous through Jesus Christ.
Prayer: O Lord, we thank You for the righteousness of Christ, and the free gift of grace whereby we can be justified!