JAN 10

Romans 3:10-20
Memorise Romans 3:11
“all we like sheep have gone astray…”

If we were to place each and every aspect of our lives under close scrutiny and examine the thoughts and motives for each action that we do or word that we say, we would quickly become very ashamed. We would not go very far in our search, before we would discern yet another way in which we have allowed pride to rear its ugly head, or realize we have fallen into the clutches of laziness. Romans 3:11 gives us 2 ways in which we do sin daily in our lives:

1. Our lack of understanding of God and His Word. Oftentimes, the reason why we sin is because of our lack of understanding of the character of God. We seem to think that just because the Bible does not explicitly forbid a certain thing, then it is all right for me to do it. However, we fail to take into consideration the holiness of God, and that His standards are far higher than ours. Because we do not have a sufficient understanding of God’s Word, we carelessly saunter through life, thinking that we can do nothing wrong, when in actual fact we are sinning so much against God.

2. We do not seek after God enough. Many times, we also leave God out of the picture. We claim to be a Christian, sing songs about how Jesus is all the world to us, but practically speaking, God is just a tiny insignificant aspect in our lives. Because we do not seek Him and try to do His will in whatsoever that we do, we often fall into sin. We solve our problems with our own human wisdom; we interact with family and friends with our own selfish attitudes; we abhor school and homework because we just desire fun and leisure. In all these things that we do, we do not seek God, place him first in our lives, or live to please and glorify Him. Instead we place our selfish wants and desires as first place in our lives, and live to please and glorify self and self alone.

Dear teen, in order to overcome sin, you need to study God’s Word more and seek Him in all that you do. He must take first place in your heart, and His Word must guide us through every step of life’s journey.

Thought: We need to know less of the world and more of Christ; seek less of self and more of God.
Prayer: Lord, help me to repent of my ways, and to seek Thee in everything I do.