JAN 13

Genesis 6:5-8
Memorise Genesis 6:5
"...who were dead in trespasses and sins..."

In the days of Noah, sin had so completely pervaded and overtaken humanity, such that the Bible describes how the imaginations and thoughts of man’s heart was “only evil continually”. They were so lost in sin and wickedness that it was all they could think about! As a result, God was grieved, and decided to destroy all of mankind, and start afresh with Noah and his family. To God, the effects of sin in corrupting man’s hearts were so terrible that he saw a need to wipe out all of humanity, and cleanse the world of their wickedness.

Likewise, unbelievers today do not seek God and His holiness, but seek the desires of flesh and what the world offers. Like a corpse that is dead to feeling, those who are dead in sin do not feel any remorse for sin, and have no realization of the consequences of sin. Indeed the theological term for someone who is dead in sin is “totally depraved”: we are so corrupt and our hearts so hardened as stone that unless God Himself makes us realize our sinful state, we will never repent. This is the woeful effect that sin has in every unbeliever.

If we are dead in sin, all our righteousness are as filthy rags in God’s sight. Note the term is not dying in sin, but dead in sin: we are already spiritually dead, separate from God. Consider that even someone as wicked as Judas Iscariot can feel sorry for his sins without confessing his need for a Saviour, and likewise everyone who is dead in sin can still feel remorseful but without true repentance. That is what sin does.

Dear teen, are you currently experiencing the effects of sin in your heart? Are you still in rebellion against God, and are you still lost and dead in your sins? Unless you are made alive or “quickened” by the Holy Spirit, you will also have to suffer the consequences of sin: both in this earthly life and after our physical death. You will experience the second death, which is eternal punishment in hellfire. God does not desire that you suffer these consequences: listen and believe the Gospel!

Thought: Have I ever realized how far sin has affected me?
Prayer: O God, thank You for revealing to me my sinful estate!