MAY 16, Proverbs 11:13 


What are talebearers? Nobody likes them. they carry tales of people behind their backs. they report to others and to you of things that other people say about you, usually unpleasant things.


“I’m not going to talk to Tammie anymore. She’s lazy and borrowed my Maths book to copy. Now she’s forgotten to bring it. She cannot be trusted,” Candice complained to her friend Linda. The next thing Candice knew was Tammie charging angrily at her.


Tammie looked at her fiercely and said, “You don’t have to tell everybody unpleasant things about me. I borrowed your book once but how many times have I lent my book to you?”With that she stormed away.To be a good and faithful friend, never do what Candice did. Don’t be a talebearer.


Here are some examples of tale-bearing. If you are guilty, confess your sins to the Lord who will forgive you.

  1. “Min Li, don’t make friends with Joy because she is very greedy. She took two buns and she is still taking two more.”

  2. “She took my pencil box. She is a thief. She is so dishonest.”

  3. “My friend is very lazy.Teacher punished her because she didn’t do her work every day. She told me that she likes to sleep”.

  4. “My cousin told me that she lied to her teacher when she didn’t do her homework. She said that she forgot to bring her book. She always tell lies.”


Thought: Be a faithful friend, not a talebearer.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, set a watch over my mouth. Help me control what I say, that I will not be a talebearer. In Jesus’ name, amen.