Hebrews 6:9-20
John 10:28-30
“And I give unto them eternal life;
and they shall never perish …”
Jesus in His sermon on the mount stressed the fact of full assurance in God’s promises to show His disciples that God was their sufficiency. It is a worthy cause to continue to minister to the saints. The greater part of the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ is summed up in the expression that He went everywhere doing good.
The Apostles followed in His steps and exhorted all the saints to do the same. In the service for the Lord, an exemplary diligence must be evident. It is motivated by the love for Christ and thus God’s children will show love one for another as the Lord had taught them. The Apostles did not hesitate to render help whenever they were called. Peter and John went to Samaria to help new believers and on other occasions Paul went full throttle in preaching the gospel and also raised funds to assist the poor in Jerusalem. He did what was humanly possible for the spiritual and physical welfare of the saints. Such good works are a demonstration of one’s spiritual maturity.
In the promises of God there is a full assurance of hope to the end. The writer counsels his audience not to be slothful but to follow them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. The promise is sure but one has to endure that natural test before attaining that promise. Human weaknesses must not be allowed to diminish what God has offered to His children freely. God made the promises swearing by Himself for He could swear by no other. Nothing thus goes beyond His oath. The end of the promise is His reward for those whom He made; He will do this without fail. God confirms His unchanging counsel to the heirs of the promise. Part of the promises was that God would multiply Abraham’s descendants as the stars of heaven. Also the Lord told Abraham that in him all nations of the earth would be blessed. These were great promises besides security and salvation.
THOUGHT: “Blessed assurance Jesus is mine.”
PRAYER: Father, may I follow Thee faithfully and let every doubt fly away.