JUN 12

Matthew 5:27-30
Memorise Romans 7:14
“whosoever say, Thou fool, shall be danger of hell fire.”

Many non-believers hold to the thought that they do not need Christ because they have not done anything bad. They think that they are decent morally good people, because they have not committed any terrible crimes. They have not murdered anyone, neither have they robbed nor stolen. This is the standard that the world holds for guilt or innocence. However, this is not the standard that God holds. In today’s passage, Christ in His Sermon on the Mount taught that sin starts from the heart. Adultery is committed simply by lusting in the heart. No actual act of adultery needs to take place for this sin to be committed. This is the same with God’s other commandments. For example, we need not to bow before idols to be guilty of breaking commandment no. 2. Instead, the mere replacing of our love for God in the heart with anyone or anything else is idolatry already. We need not use God’s name in vain, but to condone others doing so and feel nothing when others use God’s name with a curse or a swearing is enough to have broken commandment no. 3. We need only hate someone and wish harm to come upon that person from our hearts to be guilty of murder. In the sight of God, sin starts from the heart.

If that is the case, then we are truly guilty indeed. No day goes by where there is no thought within us that runs errant and results in a sin. The police may not be looking for us, nor are we going into jail anytime soon, but our hearts are desperately wicked and full of vain imaginations. We harbour hatred, we are high-minded and look down on others, we covet in our hearts for things we do not have, we tell half-truths believing that it is not a lie, we indulge in a lustful glance… the list goes on. If not for what Christ has already done for us, we cannot appear before God guiltless. Christ in one act of sacrifice cleansed our sins and made us acceptable to Him. God accepts us because of what Christ has done. Dear reader, if you examine your heart and look back at what it has harboured, can you still claim that innocence? If you have not repented of your sins and accepted Christ as Saviour of your soul, do it today, do it now!

Thought: What would Christ say to me if I appeared before Him today?
Prayer: God please forgive me, for I am filled with sin and have a wretched heart.