AUGUST 14, Mark 8:36

 Jimmy put down the wood for the campfire and hurried to see why Ranger, his puppy, was barking. The little dog stood at the edge of the stream, looking down into the clear water. “What is it, Ranger?” asked Jimmy. He also looked down, and then he began to laugh. Just then Dad came up. “What has Ranger found, Jimmy?” he asked.

“Himself!” said Jimmy. Sure enough, Ranger was barking fiercely at his own reflection in the water. “Silly dog!” teased Jimmy. “Now come with me, and I’ll get you a treat.” The magic word was “treat”-and Ranger immediately left the “other dog” and scurried along to the tent. Soon he had his treat and was stretched out near the stream.

“Jimmy, this reminds me of an old fable about a dog and a bone,” said Dad as he added wood to the campfire. “As the dog carried his bone across a bridge, he thought he saw another dog in the water below, and he bristled.”

“Just like Ranger!” exclaimed Jimmy. “Yes, and this dog wasn’t going to let that other dog get his bone,” continued Dad, “so he began to bark to make the other dog go away. I’m sure you can figure out what happened when he opened his mouth to bark.”

“Greed makes us want to hold on to things,” observed Mom as she prepared the meal. “We need to remember that we really can’t keep things in the end. Besides, things don’t really bring us happiness anyway.”

Dad nodded. “That’s right,” he agreed. “True happiness and true riches come from knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and serving Him. Money and possessions will all disappear, but salvation is forever. Sadly many people don’t realize that.”

Thought: Are you concerned about having all the things your friends have? Do you feel well-off only if you have money in your pocket, a new I-pod, or maybe a new bike?
Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me that true wealth is not in having things, but having Jesus and the peace He can bring. I pray for my parents as well, that they will also realise this wonderful truth. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.