OCTOBER 10, Joshua 1:6

For the first part of this month, we have been looking at the selected history of the Israelites. One simple way to remember is to look at three Ms – Misery, Mercy, Mission.

Misery is about the more than 400 years of Israel’s time in Egypt, where after the Egyptians had forgotten who Joseph was, how he helped the Egyptians tide over the seven years of famine, and how he helped Pharaoh rule well. The people of Israel were enslaved and treated badly until the Lord sent Moses to free them. The next M is Mercy – the Lord granted mercy during their 40 years in the wilderness despite their complaining and grumbling. The Lord eventually led them to the border of the Promised Land. The last M stands for Mission. Their mission was clear – to occupy the Promised Land and drive out the enemies who were there.

Who did they have to guide them? Moses was now dead and the new man in charge was Joshua. And God knows it was a very difficult task, thus God gave to Joshua a very important command – “Be strong and of a good courage”. Because Joshua was a general, we can expect him to be a brave and athletic man. But is this the kind of strength and courage the Lord is talking about? No. God is talking about spiritual strength. He is more concerned with our ability to withstand the world and its influences.

Your friends in class and school may think it is silly of you to go to church, to believe the “stories” in the Bible, to believe there is no evolution, that the Lord made the entire universe in six days. What would you say to that? Would you be able to withstand their laughter and scorn? Or would you be like Joshua – a strong and courageous child of the Lord?


Thought: May I be a strong and brave child for the witness of the Lord!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me to lean on You for strength and courage. On my own, I am weak and sometimes fearful. So Heavenly Father, grant me the strength I need, and the courage necessary to always follow Jesus, for in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.