MARCH 26, Matthew 6:28, 29 

Nothing is more beautiful than blooming flowers. Of the estimated 10,000 types of flowering plants, there are many contestants for the “Most beautiful flower”. We may never know which is the most beautiful but we are aware that they are all wonderful and attractive. Especially when you walk along fields of wild flowers, both the loveliness of the individual flower as well as the splendour of the collective sea of flowers will stun you.

26 03 2020(1)

As Jesus was teaching the multitudes in Matthew 6, he was probably in the Judean countryside and probably near him were fields of wild lilies. It could have been springtime, and the flowers were bursting with colours. Here, Jesus teaches a very important lesson: that although the common flowers, the lilies do not labour to put on any special “clothing”, they are in their natural self more wonderfully adorned than one of Israel’s most wealthy and powerful king – King Solomon! When Solomon was king, he had great wealth and thus was able to wear the nicest silk and material the kingdom had. But Jesus tells us in these 2 verses, that even Solomon in all his glory and splendour, was not attired like one of these wild flowers!


The next time you look at flowers – remember these verses. Jesus is telling us how great and caring our heavenly Father is to nature. Now if God is so loving to just flowers, how much more will He take care of you and me?

26 03 2020(2)

Thought: If God cares for flowers, how much more would He care for me!


Prayer: Thank You Heavenly Father for Your love to all your creation. I am so comforted because I know man is most precious to You, for You sent Your only begotten Son to die for us. Thank you Heavenly Father, for giving us Your Son, and it is in His name that I pray – Amen.