MAY 24

Joshua 1:1-9
Memorise Joshua 1:8
“That thou mayest prosper withersoever thou goest.”

An awesome task and responsibility had been entrusted to Joshua. It would require great faith and wisdom. First, knowledge had been imparted, then understanding, and finally, application. The culmination of continual meditation is action, that we, like Joshua may do the will of God in our lives.

The result of doing all of God’s will in complete obedience is prosperity and success. This is something promised in both verses 7 and 8. God will give them His best blessings. For Joshua, his task was clear - and that was the conquest of the Promised Land. In order for his mission to be successful, he was to abide continually in the Word of God. As long as he obeyed, the Lord would bless him and help him fight his battles. However, the moment disobedience and sin crept into the camp, they would be punished. For example, because of the sin of Achan, Israel lost the battle of Ai; similarly when they did not seek God’s will, they succumbed to the deceit of the Gibeonites.

Likewise for us, the same principles apply. Of course in our day and age, prosperity blessings are no longer tied closely to physical blessings as it was in the Old Testament times for the nation of Israel. Our mission today is spiritual in nature, and likewise blessings are spiritual as well. As long as we abide in God’s Word, we will be blessed, and granted success in our spiritual battles. God our Father is always watching over us from heaven, and will always give His children what is best for them, as long as they obey His Word.

God promised Joshua success in his battles ahead against the Canaanites, despite the fact that the odds were stacked against them. We too can claim this promise now in present trials and tribulations, and for those that will invariably strew our paths ahead. We are forgetful creatures and so prone to stray. Continual meditation upon God’s Word reminds us of our weaknesses and our need to have utmost dependence upon God. It instructs us and gives us strength and faith to live obedient and hence victorious Christian lives.

Thought: How many times does the phrase ‘be strong and of a good courage’ occur in this chapter?
Prayer: Lord, may you teach me to pray always according to thy will.