AUGUST 2,  Proverbs 22:9


Siew Hoon’s elder sister, Siew Leng, is the apple of her mother’s eye. She loves shopping and many of her purchases are not necessary but mother does not stop her. In this aspect, mother treats Siew Hoon differently and monitors her shopping. Mother shows favouritism to Siew Leng.


One day, Siew Leng buys a special bottle of shampoo imported from the US, and leaves it in the bathroom. That evening, when Siew Hoon is in the bathroom and is about to wash her hair, she realises her own shampoo is used up and so she calls out to her older sister to use her shampoo but she is not at home. So Siew Hoon uses the new shampoo. After her bath, knowing that her sister can be unreasonable, she intends to wait for her sister to return to tell her she has used the shampoo. But she falls asleep.


When Siew Leng returns home and finds out that the cap of the bottle of new shampoo has been tampered with, she immediately knows who the culprit is. She flies into a rage! “How dare you use my shampoo! And don’t you know it is my NEW shampoo – a special brand from the US! You are so rude, you should have asked permission!” Siew Hoon tries to explain but her sister will not listen. Siew Leng complains to mother who scolds Siew Hoon as well!


Dear child, are you like Siew Leng, who does not share? It is wrong not to share things with others. ‘He that hath a bountiful eye’ in today’s reading refers to one who seeks out charity and gives to or shares with one in need. The opposite of ‘bountiful eye’ is a wicked eye. Are you a child that has a ‘bountiful eye’ or a wicked eye?


Thought: It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35)


Prayer: Heavenly Father, sharing my things with others will make them happy and You will be pleased with me. Help me remember today’s lesson.

This I pray in Jesus’ name - Amen.