SEPTEMBER 16, Acts 4:12

Mandy who was seated at her computer desk, called out to her father, “Dad can you help me with this email? I tried to send it twice, but I don’t think it was sent out.”

Dad put the newspaper he was reading aside, pushed himself out of his chair, and walked over to Mandy. “Are you sure you typed the address right?” he asked. Mandy nodded. “Yes, I’m positive. Hee Peng wrote it down herself on this paper.” She showed Dad a page in her notebook.

Dad pulled up a chair and sat beside Mandy. He looked at the paper and then at the computer screen. “I see the problem. You typed the letter ‘O’ after Hee Peng’s name. It should be the number zero.” Mandy checked the paper and then typed Hee Peng’s address again-this time with a zero. She clicked on the “send’’ key, and a moment later the screen showed that her message had been sent.

Mandy swung around in her chair with a grin. “Thanks, Dad!” she said.

That evening, Mandy and Dad shared some kueh lapis. “Guess what, Dad,” said Mandy. “Today I forgot to write down our math homework assignment, but Hee Peng sent it to me. It’s a good thing you corrected my mistake, or that email would not have gotten to Hee Peng even though I thought I had the right address.”

Dad nodded. “You know, dear, the mistake you made with an email address is a little like the mistake many people make regarding salvation. It’s like they use the wrong address to get to heaven.” “Heaven has an address?” Mandy asked.

“Not exactly,” said Dad, “but I was thinking of a man I talked to this morning. He thinks it doesn’t make any difference if people have different religious beliefs … or even if they believe in themselves and their own good works. He thinks everyone ends up in the same place-heaven. That’s not what the Bible says.” Mandy raised her eyebrows. “You mean… it’s kind of like they’re using those people or things for the address to reach heaven, right?”

Dad nodded. “There’s only one correct address, and that’s Jesus,” he said. “It’s only through Him that anyone will reach heaven.”

Thought: Jesus is the only way to heaven.
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I am grateful and thankful that the Lord Jesus died on the Cross for my sins. Jesus is the only way to heaven. Help me to share the Gospel message with the unsaved. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.