John 9:17-38

Psalm 95:1-7


“By Him all things were made.”

As we continue to meditate upon the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, we notice that the Scripture attributes the works of God to Him. The creation is an act of God. And it was God the Son who performed this amazing work (Heb 1:10). God not only created all things, He maintains them in their existence. The functions of nature, the movement of the heavenly bodies, all continue because of God’s sustaining power. This work of God is attributed to the person of Jesus Christ, the Son (Heb 1:3; Col 1:17).
We know that in the end all men will stand before God as their judge. This judgment will be conducted by Christ (John 5:22). There are many instances in Scripture where Jesus Christ was worshipped as God. He accepted that worship as His just due because He is God. In the account of Jesus healing the leper, we see that the afflicted man came to the Lord and worshipped Him. The Lord accepted His worship and healed him (Matt 8:1-3).
The Gospel of John records an account of a man who was born blind. Even in this day of modern surgery, no man born blind has ever had his sight restored. When Jesus healed the man, in fury the Jewish religious leaders dismissed him from the synagogue. Jesus later came to this man who then worshipped Him, having come to recognise that He was indeed God (John 9:32-38).
On many occasions, the Lord’s followers and disciples worshipped Him. Two of the most memorable times were when Jesus calmed the storm, and when the women recognised Him after He had risen from the dead (Matt 14:33; 28:9).
The important point to notice in all these cases is that Christ accepted this worship. By accepting worship that belongs only to God, Christ revealed that He was God (Matt 4:10).
THOUGHT: What is the importance of Christ receiving worship?
PRAYER: I thank Thee, Father, for Jesus who gave up the glories of heaven to save my soul.
heaven to save my soul.