OCTOBER 18, 2 Kings 4:38-41

Have you eaten anything poisonous? Would you like to try a hot steaming yummy looking bowl of soup if I told you it were poisonous, but that I’ve added something to it that would have made it safe? You would not try, would you? Well – read on and see how some people reacted when told the same by Elisha…

During a famine, Elisha visited the school of prophets at Gilgal. As there was no food, he ordered his servant to boil a pot of water. A student prophet gathered some wild herbs, shredded them, and put them into the pot. When the soup was served, the diners cried poison. Elisha reacted by asking for some flour and threw it into the pot. Then confidently, he told his student to pour out the porridge or pottage for the people who readily ate and filled their stomachs. Phew! The people did have a close shave with death, didn’t they? Yet, they continued to trust Elisha and God. By drinking the soup as told, they showed much faith.

God will always provide sufficient food for His children. We will not be able to fully understand this incident until we remind ourselves they do not have supermarkets, food courts, or restaurants as we do today! People were generally not rich, and food was scarce.

God knows our every need, and will provide. At our end, let us not be choosy over food, but be contented with what God gives. That is the idea behind “saying grace” before we take our meals. Why do we “say grace”? it is an expression of our thankfulness and appreciation to God for His provision of food for us. Otherwise, we are being discontented and ungrateful. So, do not argue with mum or dad whenever they tell you to eat up the vegetables or something you may not particularly like.



Thought: In God, all my needs would be supplied!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for supplying all my needs. I know I must trust in You everyday, and to be contented and grateful too! In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.