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Luke 14:1-6

Daniel 6:1-5


Our Lord heals spiritual dropsy too!


Our Lord accepted the hospitality of those who were not His disciples (Luke 14:1). How did the Lord conduct Himself at the Pharisee’s table? He first defended the true observance of the sabbath day (Luke 14:1-6), He then expounded the nature of true humility (Luke 14:7-11), then explained the character of true hospitality (Luke 14:12-14) and finally delivered a striking parable to them (Luke 14:15-24). All this was done in a most wise, calm and dignified manner. His speech was edifying and appropriate (Col 4:6). The perfection of our Lord’s conduct appears on this as on all other occasions. He always said the right thing, at the right time and in the right way. He never forgot for a moment who He was and where He was.
What an example is set for Christians here! Do we go among non-Christians watchfully and, prayerfully, with a firm resolution to carry our Master and our Master’s business with us? The house from which Christ is deliberately excluded is not the house for us, but where we can carry on conversation with the unconverted we should go. We need to ask ourselves two questions: “Do I spend all my time in light and worldly conversation?” and “Do I try to follow the example of Christ?” So long as we can take Christ with us, we shall come to no harm.
Our Lord’s enemies watched for some word or deed on which they could build an accusation against Him (Luke 14:1), but they found none. He was ever harmless, holy, undefiled and separate from evil. Perfect indeed must that life have been in which they, His bitterest enemies, could find no flaw, or blemish, or spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing!
Servants of Christ will also be watched. If they make a slip here in word or deed or act inconsistently, it will not be forgotten. Let us live holy lives before God and men. By God’s grace, it can be done and we can receive the testimony given to Daniel (Dan 6:5).
THOUGHT: We are so to live that our opponents must make up slander against us if they are to accuse us, because no real accusations can be made to stick (1 Pet 2:15).

PRAYER: Father, may I be watchful that my life be a holy one.