RPG Juniors


NOVEMBER 24, John13:15


Julie quickly ran to answer the telephone. The caller was her friend Susie. “I’m sorry, Susie, but I can’t go over,” said Julie after listening for a few minutes. “My mother has work for me to do. She needs my help with the laundry.” Julie hung up the phone and began helping Mom fold clothes.


“Why,Julie,”Mother said in surprise,“I never mentioned needing help with the laundry. Why did you tell Susie that I needed you?” “Don’t you want me to help you?” Julie asked.


“It’s nice having your help,” agreed Mother. “However, what you told Susie wasn’t really true, was it?”“In a way it was true, even though you hadn’t asked for my help,” argued Julie. “If you needed me to help I would. Besides, a lot of people say things that aren’t completely true, so is that so bad?”


Mother frowned. She pointed to a couple of pillow cases. “What colour are these?” she asked.


Puzzled, Julie looked at the pillowcases. “They’re white, Mom,” she replied promptly.


“Now get the pillowcase that’s on the top shelf in the linen closet,”said Mother. Julie looked puzzled but did as she was told. “What colour is that one?” asked Mother.


Julie looked at it.“It’s white,too,”she said,“but when it’s next to these others, they look yellowish-white.”


“That’s right, Julie.” Mother nodded. “Until you had a really white pillowcase, you couldn’t tell that the first one was actually old and yellow. It’s the same with our lives. If we compare them with the lives of people around us, we may think we’re doing alright. But when we compare ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, we see just how sinful we are. People may think it’s alright to tell what they call ‘little white lies,’ but God says, ‘Thou shalt not lie.’ Period! Jesus, the Son of God, never lied or sinned in any way. He left a perfect example for us to follow. Be careful to use the Lord Jesus as your example instead of watching how others live.”


Thought: Do you try to live like Jesus?


Prayer: Heavenly Father, teach me not to compare my life with anyone else. Instead, let me compare it with the life of Jesus for only He is the perfect pattern after which to shape my life. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.