RPG Juniors


MAY 16, Psalm 111:10

“Luke, are you afraid of God?” Tania asked her brother as they reviewed some of their memory verses.

“No-o-o, I don’t think so,” replied Luke. “Why should I be afraid of Him?”

“This verse says, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,’” said Tania. “What does that mean?”

Just then Jason, the neighbourhood troublemaker, came along. “Hey, Luke,” he called, “get your bike and come with me. Rick has challenged me to destroy the plants near our school. That is a bad thing to do, but I’m going to do it anyway!”

Luke’s eyes widened. “You’d better not, Jason,” he said, “since you know that is wrong.”
“Might be scary for little girls and babies, but I’m not afraid of anything.” Jason boasted. “You coming?”

Luke shook his head. “No. I don’t think that is a good idea! I certainly know what my Dad would say if I were to join you.”
“You are a scaredy-cat!” mocked Jason as he sped off on his bike.

Luke watched Jason leave, then ran off to tell his Mom. “Jason is neither afraid of anybody nor anything. That is why many boys admire him.”
Mom sighed. “Fear can be good as well as bad,” she said. “It’s smart to fear some things. Fear of the right things can keep you out of trouble.”

“Are we supposed to be afraid of God?” asked Tania. “There are several verses in the bible that teach about fearing Him.”
“We fear God in the sense that we respect, honour, and trust Him,”

Mom explained. “That results in being afraid of His punishment of sin.”
“Like I respect and obey you and Dad?” asked Luke. “I’m not scared of you, but I’m afraid to disobey you.” He nodded. “So if we’re really smart, we honour and respect and obey God instead of just thinking we can handle everything ourselves.”

“Somebody better tell Jason that,” said Tania. “Tell him he needs to get smart.”


Thought: Do you have the fear of God?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for the reminder today that I have to fear You in the biblical sense. This I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen.