RPG Teenz


NOV 24

2 Corinthians 6:14
Memorise 2 Corinthians 6:14
“…Be ye holy; for I am holy.”

If you are not already aware of it, one of the hallmarks and founding principles of the Bible-Presbyterian faith is its emphasis on the doctrine of biblical separation. You may wonder, is it really that important? Why is there a need for such great emphasis? Doesn’t the Bible teach us to love one another and to have peace and unity with others?

Reading today’s passage, you will realise that biblical separation is a biblical doctrine that is founded on the Word of God. It is found in a key passage of II Corinthians that so clearly teaches of the need to separate. Paul gives here a straightforward command – “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers”. A yoke is a wooden beam used to bind a pair of cattle so that they can pull together on a load when working in pairs. If 2 different animals of varying height, ability or speed are yoked together, they simply will not be able to do anything, because they are of incompatible natures. Rather than enabling them to work faster, the yoke would constrain and hinder them, causing great difficulty and misery in their labour. Similarly for us as Christians, we become “yoked” with unbelievers when we form certain associations or alliances with them. On the individual level, it could refer to things like marriage or a business partnership; on the church level, it would refer to fellowship and cooperation with other religions or other churches with erroneous doctrines, especially where there is dialogue for the purpose of reaching a compromise.

Why does the Bible give such a strong command to separate? This doctrine arises from the holiness of God (I Peter 1:16). Our thrice-holy God requires of us a life of utmost purity and righteousness. How, then, can we who have been made righteous by the blood of Christ have fellowship with the unrighteous? Or how can we who have had the marvelous light of the gospel shone in our lives be communing with the children of darkness?

Dear teen, may you thus recognize the importance of this fundamental doctrine, and put it into practice in your life. Are you involved in any close relationships with an unbeliever? Seek the Lord’s help today in knowing how best to deal with it.

Thought: An unequal yoke is always a burden, never a blessing.
Prayer: Lord, teach me the importance of separation.