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Genesis 1:1-5
Memorise Hebrews 11:3
“things where are seen were not made of things which do appear…”

Try to imagine the universe with nothing at all. And by nothing, we mean absolutely nothing. No air, no matter, not a single atom. It is hard to visualise or even conceptualise such a situation, for we have always known a universe and world full of things. We find it hard to imagine all these gone, and to know what ‘nihilo’ was like. But yet we know that everything was created by God ‘ex nihilo’ (Latin for ‘out of nothing’.). And so before anything was, there was God, and nothing else. God alone, in the perfection of His Godhead, decreed that He would create the universe, and also create man and a world for him to live in – all for His glory.

And so in the very beginning, before even the start of time, Genesis 1:1 tells us that out of nothingness, God created the heaven and the earth. God created and started the whole space-time continuum, of linear time (in the beginning), and the dimensions of space (the heaven) that would soon be filled with matter (beginning with the earth) that He too would create. How did God create? It was simply an act of His divine will. He did not need any tools or raw materials to do so. Simply by divine fiat (the command of God), all things just came into being.

The heavens that were made include both the expanse of space that we understand as ‘space’ or ‘outer-space’, the regions beyond our earth’s atmosphere, and also heaven in the sense of the realm of angels that we cannot see, for we know that angels (the sons of God) were present at the creation of the earth (Job 38:4-7). The earth that was created was as yet ‘without form’, and ‘void’. This does not speak of chaos, but of the fact that it was not yet physically shaped into the present form that we are familiar with, and it was empty and uninhabited; a complete void, and endless stretch of deep waters which was in complete and utter darkness. The Spirit of God, the third person of the trinity was present there, moving upon the face of the waters, superintending the process of creation.

Then, out of darkness, God created light, with the simple words ‘let there be light’, and it was so. What was the nature of this light and darkness? We will find our more tomorrow.

Thought: Can there be any truth in the so-called ‘gap theory’?
Prayer: Lord, help me to appreciate the wonder and greatness of Your creation.