RPG Teenz



Genesis 1:1-5
Memorise 2 Corinthians 4:6
“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

Darkness is simply the absence of light. Darkness was not something that had to be physically created, but it was the state of the universe before light was introduced to it. On day one, after creating the heaven and the earth, God introduced the concept of light into the universe, and it was seen in contrast to darkness. This was accomplished with the divine decree of God, such that simply because He so commanded it, it would happen. This shows us the infinite creative power of God, for He has to but desire it to be so, and it will be so. This will be the same pattern in which the rest of creation will take place – through the authoritative will of God. 

The nature of this light that was created is hard to define. We know that it was not the sunlight of the sun that our earth revolves around, for the sun was only created on day 4. Instead, it was likely to be a unique, singular light source that shone upon the earth, allowing the beginning of the cycle of light and darkness which was used to denote night and day. This showed that the earth that was created was rotating on its axis, with some portion of it illuminated by the light, whilst another would be in darkness. This is important, and God established this on the very first day to facilitate a method for tracking time in the first few moments of creation. With light and darkness, God can now explain the acts of creation in terms of literal 24-hour days, with the darkness of the evening signalling the end of the day, and the light in the morning the beginning of the next one. This became the established pattern for God’s creative works, as He would do His work in the light of day, and no work would be done between evening and morning, during the darkness of night time.

There was definitely the creation of visible light, differentiated from darkness. Yet it could possibly include the entire electromagnetic spectrum, of which visible light is only a small part of. It would encompass other invisible wavelengths, from the long radio waves to the short wavelengths of ultraviolet and x-rays. In a sense what we see are the physical laws of force and energy being introduced into the universe, and it would be upon these laws that the physical world would interact and exist.

Thought: It was God, not Newton or any other physicists that established the laws of nature.
Prayer: Lord, may You illumine my minds to help me to understand Thy mighty works.