RPG Teenz



Genesis 1:6-8
Memorise Psalm 148:4-5
“for he commanded, and they were created”

At the end of the first day, the earth was still but a vast formless water body. What then happened on the second day was that God divided the waters and introduced a firmament (expanse) in the midst of it. The purpose of this firmament was to divide the waters beneath from the waters above – forming what we understand to be our sky or atmosphere. Although in verse 8 this firmament is described also as “heaven”, we must understand the meaning of the word in its context, and not confuse it with the “heaven” that was created on day one.

The heaven that was created on day two is the atmosphere that we are living in – of the air that we breathe, the skies around us that we can see, the wind that we can feel all around us. God in His infinite wisdom created the atmosphere in such a way that the balance of the elements (oxygen, CO2 etc.) in it would be in the perfect balance for the support of life. We know that too much or too little of any of these elements would be disastrous for life on this planet. Realise that life on this planet and the balance of the earth’s atmosphere did not ‘evolve’ to the precise levels that we have today. Instead, we know that these were all created and intended by God to fulfil its purpose, such that the entire ecosystem of the world fits perfectly together to continue to sustain the existence of life.

Above the firmament, God also set a layer of waters above it. This does not refer to clouds or the ‘ozone layer’ that we have in the present. Instead it was a unique canopy of water vapour that existed in that pre-flood era.The entire water cycle was different then, for there was no rain (Genesis 2:5), and probably no clouds also. This vapour canopy would have been transparent, for to allow the light of the sun in, and also allow stars to be visible (Genesis 1:14-18). Again, through this we see the wise design of God, for such a vapour canopy would be perfectly suited to maintain a uniform and ideal climate throughout the planet. Such conditions would have contributed greatly to the lush vegetation that we see described in the Garden of Eden, and also to the longevity experienced by those who lived in that era. In God’s timing, this water canopy would also be that which would condense and pour down as rain which God sent as judgment during Noah’s time. All these were in God’s perfect plan from the beginning.

Thought: God never moves without purpose or plan.
Prayer: Lord, may I understand Your perfect plan in my life as well.