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Genesis 1:9-13
Memorise Jonah 1:9
“God of heaven, which hath made the sea and the dry land.”

Now God would focus His attention on the surface of the earth, which at the beginning of day three, was still just an endless shoreless ocean, devoid of any life at all. Then, at God’s command, the waters of this ocean parted, and dry land appeared. These continents arose, and between and upon them, an intricate network of streams, rivers, lakes, and seas were formed.

Next, God issued a second command, and instantly the lands were all populated with all manner of plant life – of grass, herbs, trees, and various other forms of vegetation. It is specifically mentioned here that it was mature plans that were created, that would bring forth seed after their own kind. Though they were just created, they already had an appearance of age. Adam did not have to wait for a few years before the trees started to produce fruit – they were already there hanging on the trees by day six! 

They were also unique species that would only bear seed of its own kind. In fact, this phrase “after his kind” is repeated a total of ten times in this first chapter of Genesis, emphasising the fact that all life, both plant
and animal, were created by God, and did not evolve, as what modern science would try to insist. The individual DNA of each plant was specially programmed into each one of them as they were created by God, with all their unique adaptive traits, and were well suited to the environments and ecosystems which they would find themselves in. Yes there is potential for some variation within each kind, but never to the extent whereby a blade of grass would one day evolve to become an apple tree.

Thus at the end of this third day, the first life had appeared on the earth. They all came in a most dramatic way, spontaneously appearing upon the land, just as spontaneously as the land itself had appeared out of the water. It was not a slow process over billions of years, evolving out of a ‘primordial soup’ of organic compounds to form the first cells, but an act of divine creation. In fact, contrary to evolutionary theory, life first appeared on land and not in the sea, and complex vegetation appeared before the first animal life appeared. Yet as illogical as it may seem to modern scientists, it was all good in the sight of God!

Thought: Would I know how to respond to teachers or classmates that support evolution?
Prayer: Lord, grant me the faith to believe in Thy creation.