RPG Teenz



Genesis 1:14-19
Memorise Psalm 19:1
“Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork”

From the earth, the attention now shifts to the skies above, and the void of space that lay beyond it. Up to this point, the days were bathed in light, whilst the nights were in complete darkness. There was not a single other planetary body in the universe, aside from our single lone planet.

Now, on day four, God began the work of filling all that he had created in the first three days, starting first with lights to hang in the firmament of the heaven that he had made on day one. There would be two great lights, namely the Sun to rule the day, and the Moon to rule by night. At the same time, God also made all the vast myriad of stars that shine high up above, each of them massive fiery furnaces burning in their own orbits, hurtling through the voids of space. The distance that they are from the earth is staggering, some hundreds, thousands or even millions of light years away. Yet in a single instance, they all popped into view, spread out in a majestic display of lights to adorn the night sky. How was this possible? Would the light from these distant starts not need to travel for thousands or even millions of years before they can be visible from Earth? Well, just as God was able to create plants, animals and also man with the appearance of age, so in His infinite wisdom, He also created these stars together with the light trails towards Earth, such that they would be visible from the day they were created.

On top of that, we are told that these stars would then be used as signs to tell the seasons, of days and years. Men would study the stars and use them to tell the passing of time, to chart calendars, and track dates. God made all the calculations, knowing the exact distance to place them in relation to their gravitational pull, the velocity of their orbits, relative brightness, factoring in the distance away from the earth etc. such that they would have their regular patterns throughout the years, to tell the seasons, and the days.

Today, on a dark night, especially in rural areas far away from the bright city lights, we would be able to cast our gaze up at the heavens, and we are continually amazed by the cosmic spectacle of luminosities that greet us from above. We would be reminded of the fact that the heavens, with its brilliant array of lights, all declare the glory and infinite wisdom of God.

Thought: RHC #6 “The Spacious Firmament on High”.
Prayer: Lord, may I appreciate the glory and splendour of Thy creation.