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Genesis 1-11
Memorise Genesis 1:1
“ In the beginning…”

The book of Genesis is the very foundation upon which the rest of the Bible is based upon. To reject the historicity and accuracy of the book of Genesis, would be to reject the rest of the Bible. As creation scientist Henry Morris describes: “If the Bible were somehow expurgated of the Book of Genesis (as many people today would prefer), the rest of the Bible would be incomprehensible. It would be like a building without a ground floor, or a bridge with no support”.

As a whole, the Bible has probably influenced the world more than any other work of man. As its foundation, the book of Genesis can be seen as not just the most important book of the Bible, but is probably the most important book ever written in the history of mankind!

Thus the importance of this book cannot be emphasised too much. Every born again Christian ought to know something of the book of Genesis, and be delighted to immerse himself in a serious and careful study of what this whole book is all about. As we study, we must take a careful Biblical and God-honouring approach to it, with full faith believing God’s Word is perfectly true. This is especially so in our present day and age of contention and controversy over the accuracy and inerrancy of the Scripture. So many so-called Christians, especially seminary professors and Bible scholars, question the literal historical understanding of the book of Genesis, and simply dismiss the book of Genesis as a collection of myths and stories, and try to fit the theory of evolution into it.

Yet for us we know that God makes no mistake. His Word is perfectly inspired and preserved by Him, and we can accept every single jot and tittle as the infallible Word of God. God gave us the Genesis record for our learning and understanding, and thus we must be serious in studying it.

As we embark on this most important study, it would be good if you can take some time to read through at least the first 11 chapters of the book of Genesis. If you have time through this day, it would be good if you could read all 50 chapters as well!

Thought: It’s good to begin with the book of beginnings!
Prayer: Lord, may You sustain my interest and desire for Your Word as I begin to study the book of Genesis.