RPG Teenz


May 16

Ecclesiastes 6:3-6
Memorise Matthew 19:1
“There is none good, but one, that is, God”

Next we have a picture of a man who is blessed with many children and long life. Perhaps he had many wives, and many children through them. Maybe he was also particularly virile, which in their culture (and ours as well) is a sign of blessing from God. Nonetheless it seems he lived a long and fruitful life, for these things are what man would commend each other for at the end of their lives.

However, despite how he appears to have the good life, at least in the eyes of man, Solomon says that an untimely birth is better than he! In verse  6, Solomon employs a hyperbole to reinforce his point, in exclaiming that even if a man lives for a thousand years twice over, he still will not find satisfaction! The reason is, in his life here on earth he never sought God, and never did come to a saving relationship with Him. This is the crux of the issue that Solomon is trying to emphasise – that if his ‘soul is not filled with good’, then there is really no point in his existence at all. This is because for all the years that he lived here on earth, it was an empty existence, apart from God, and simply a life of vanity and darkness. The only ‘good’ that the soul can see and experience, is the goodness of God. That is the only satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfilment that man on this earth can have. It does not matter how many children he left after him,  or how long he lived, or what sort of burial he had. In fact, the extreme example that Solomon gives is that even with the many children that he has, no one cares about him after his death, there is no remembrance of him, and thus no burial even. After his death his fate is fixed, and he will have an eternity in darkness and sorrow. Solomon then even goes so far as to say that a baby who was stillborn (untimely birth) is better than this man, for he has not seen the evils in this world, and has more rest than the man who lived an empty and meaningless life on the earth.

Dear teen, from this we can see how important it is for us to see, know and experience the goodness of God in this life. Specifically, this refers to your salvation. Without the saving knowledge of God, life is meaningless. So many people in the world are chasing after their dreams, but in the process lose their eternal soul. How about for you? Have you seen the ultimate perfect good, of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Thought: What better goodness is there than the knowledge of Christ?
Prayer: Thank you Lord, for saving my soul!